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Fire Hose Testing


A challenge for many fire departments, especially volunteer departments,


is finding personnel to assist with annual fire hose testing. This task


is manpower intensive and although it seems to be fairly simple


there are many intricacies to the NFPA 1962 standard that can easily


be overlooked.



Our team of hose testing personnel operate over the summer months


performing hose testing on attack lines & supply lines of any diameter


cloth and rubber hose. All lines from apparatus are pulled, tested and


repacked as good or better than prior to testing. We truly believe in the


phrase "If it's packed pretty, it pulls pretty" All spare storage rolls are


retrieved, tested and placed back in storage.



A 300 foot area and a water supply from a municipal system or booster tank


is needed for testing which can be done at your facility or another suitable


location in your coverage area. Once testing is completed, your department will


receive an electronic copy with an itemized inventory of each length of hose


tested for department documentation and to provide the AHJ & ISO if








Our Hose Testing Division serves the counties of:



- Berks



- Chester



- Dauphin



- Lancaster 



- Lebanon



- York