Ambulance Preventative Maintenance



We offer preventative maintenance packages for ambulances


as we do for fire apparatus. Having worked on many various

types of EMS units from ALS Chase trucks to specialized

pediatric MICU's. We know that there are no two EMS units

the same. Our PM packages offer the customer options to


meet the needs of your EMS units.



Our parts department keeps a wide selection of parts specifically


for EMS units. On-Spots, wheel simulators and parts, door latches and 


handles are some of the parts that are are used, see abuse


and are all checked during routine PM's. No added down time to make


the repairs while waiting for parts to ship in. Getting your EMS unit


back on the street faster!






PM packages offered for EMS units:




- Engine/Chassis PM (Level A)                - Hyd. Generator PM



- Engine/Chassis PM (Level B)               - Diesel Generator PM



- Charging System PM                             - PTO Generator PM



- Wheel Chair Lift PM                              - Transmission System PM



- Light Tower PM