Ambulance Inspection & Service

Repairs Done Right 



Routine maintenance to keep up the demands of your EMS


vehicle can be a challenge for some repair facilities.


We have technicians well versed in the repair and maintenance


of smaller diesel motors and the troubled 6.0 Power Strokes.


Whether its major motor teardowns or replacing a rear differential


keeping EMS units on the street has always been a job we take


pride in.



So many systems are unique to ambulances, one of those being


the electrical system. We have done electrical trouble shooting


on many units and solved many headaches for EMS providers.


Interfacing between OEM and body manufacturers can be a


complicated. We have the technical resources and


equipment to trace the most difficult problems.




Services We Offer Include but Not Limited To:



- Numerous PM Packages


- PA State Safety & Emissions Inspection


- Tire Change / Rotation / Balancing


- Electrical Trouble Shooting


- Major and Minor Engine Repair


- Brake & Rotor Repair


- On Spot Chain Repair


- Driveline & Axle Service


- Transmission Repair & Replacement




Contact us for more detailed information to keep your


EMS fleet ready for the next run!