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Pump Flow Testing


Why perform an annual Pump Flow Test?


Pump testing is a vital component to ensure 100% performance when your


fire pump is under the most demanding conditions. Having an annual 


20-10-10 NFPA flow test completed by a third party such as 10-8 will validate


the results and provide documentation to the AHJ (Authority Having


Jurisdiction) as well as ISO (International Standards Organization)


which could effect the insurance ratings in your coverage area.



This approximately hour long procedure (excluding set up & tear down)


proving the fire pump, and all rated components are operating at their 


rated capacity from a draft will quickly expose deficiencies. We recommend


coupling an annual pump flow test along with unit PM's and repairs so any


items needing attention can be repaired as soon as possible.


Pump flow testing can be performed at our facility or off site.



If you have any questions regarding pump testing schedules or procedures,


please give us a call.