Accidents Happen...


"Firefighting is an ultra hazardous, unavoidably dangerous activity."


That is what your turn out gear label states, the same can be said for


the fire apparatus used in those firefighting and rescue efforts.




Fire and EMS units are on the street at any time of day or night in 


all types of weather, road and traffic conditions. To get the job done


and be effective, units must be put into positions that are less than


ideal from time to time. Too many drivers panic or simply do not pay


attention while driving and fail to properly yield for emergency vehicles.




We understand the challenges that are faced by our first


responders. We also understand the frustration that follows once


an incident occurs.  Our team can ease the frustrations and assist


through the process. Working with insurance companies is


something we do often, whether its the initial claim or setting


up supplements to see that the repairs to your unit are covered,


we can make the process as smooth as possible.




There are talented technicians with many years of experience that 


have tackled substantial damage jobs here at 10-8. The pride taken


in the work performed means that your unit will be done right.


No bondo, filler, or subpar quality work leaves our facility. 




When that unfortunate incident occurs, contact us so  we can work


with you and your insurance to make the experience a pleasant one.